Loud Night, Mindnumbing Pleasure (Vinyl Conflict, 2020)

Remember Inepsy?

Those black clad rock 'n' roll, motor-charged fueled hellions from the frozen hellscape of Montreal sauntered into our lives some twenty years ago, ripping and thrashing, banging every head that would band, and cranking out a thunderous cacophony of galloping fury that would make Lemmy smirk with joy and Tezz piss his pants.

Sadly they vanished as quickly as they arrived leaving a festering hole in the rock 'n' roll world that many have tried to fill with, to be frank, iffy results.

Well fear not my bullet belt clad and studded vest cloaked brethren, Richmond’s Loud Night is here to step in the breach and fill your night with their new LP Mindnumbing Pleasure - 12 inches of filthy rock 'n' roll that just oozes with the stench of alcohol soaked nights raging and rampaging. 

For me, what really stands out about these Virginians is how they are a perpetual riff machine. 

When combined with the lockstep bass and drums combo of Andy Horn and Jonah Livingston there is the space for guitarists Kallen Bliss and Ben Speed to provide a winding interplay which comes from a perspective of being just as concerned with moving the song forward as they are with showing off the technical prowess.

It ends up creating a thunderous onslaught for your listening pleasure, building up a virulent wall of sound for Andy to spit and snarl in a matter that brings to mind Cronos from Venom:

I like my rock 'n' roll dirty, messy, primitive, and more than anything I want it to make me want to just smash shit. Loud Night certainly checks all the boxes on that - a juggernaut or ferocity that would be just as comfortable destroying a stage in the arenas, in the major cities as they would be melting faces in a sweaty basement.

Photo: Michael D. Thorn

This LP is just 12 tracks of pure bliss for me and it should be for you too. 

Oh yeah, does it matter that the band features ex-Ramming Speed, Backstabbers Inc, and Cannabis Corpse members? No, it shouldn’t but if that’s what it gets you to pay attention then by all means...

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