Husband Stitch: Nashville Weirdos Rip and Tear on “Snowflake” (SONG PREMIERE)

Photo: Diana Lee Zadlo

When Olivia Scibelli delivers a vocal line, it sounds like she's teetering between losing her mind or having the time of her life. Her singing style is almost schizophrenic, but then again, so is the music of Nashville's Husband Stitch, the band Scibelli fronts. 

Propelled by a swirling bass line and Cramps-like guitar riffing, "Snowflake" might be hard to categorize, but it's overflowing with attitude all the same. Scibelli's aforementioned vocals are double-tracked in sections, offering up a manic edge to the track that fits perfectly over the driving arrangement.

"Snowflake" will be appearing on an upcoming split 7" with Alabama doom and gloomsters, NULL, and No Echo is here with the exclusive track premiere.

"'Snowflake' was written after watching some of my peers drown themselves in drugs and alcohol," Scibelli tells No Echo. "It makes you foggy and full of excuses. It's upsetting to see people who could be doing real and important work just kind of waste away."

Scibelli—who also is a member of Idle Bloom—is joined in Husband Stitch by guitarist Shibby Poole (Yautja), bassist Carter Glasscock, and drummer Rachael Durnin. The band's name comes from the small stitch sewn into the area between a woman's anus and scrotum in an effort to keep a vagina tight after childbirth. Brutal stuff all around.

The Husband Stitch/NULL limited edition split 7" will be released on black wax on September 8 via War Crimes Recorings and can be pre-ordered here.

Upcoming Husband Stitch shows:
August 23 in Nashville @ Drkmttr w/ Downtown Boys
September 2 in Nashville @ The Pussy Palace w/ Multicult

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