Since We Were Kids!: Cali Skatecore Outfit Unleashes “Then We Die” from New LP (PREMIERE)

The mission for Since We Were Kids! is a clear one: play fast hardcore punk and push skateboarding. Influenced by groups like RKL and Poison Idea, the SoCal power trio already have two EPs and a full-length in their discography, and the catalog is extending next month.

Break from Life finds Since We Were Kids! delivering their high-energy, no-nonsense style of punk in fine form. Today, No Echo is premiering "Then We Die," a track from the forthcoming LP.

"The song is about the fact that we only have so much time and that we need to live it up before it’s all over," the Since We Were Kids! dudes said via email.

Check out pool-friendly music video out below:

Break from Life will be out on August 26 via Irish Voodoo Records, and is up for pre-order now.


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