Recoil: New UK Group Leans Into ‘90s Metallic Hardcore Sound on “Reality Hurts” (PREMIERE)

Photos by Zoe Smith

The Coming Strife has been on a tear in the year or so. The UK label has issued releases by No Echo-approved bands Temple Guard, Dead at Birth, and Contention, and seem to have a pulse on the metallic-flavored side of the hardcore spectrum.

Their latest signing is a band from the south of England called Recoil. Featuring former members of xUntold Sufferingx in the fold, Recoil definitely have a '90s metallic hardcore feel, bringing to mind Bulldoze, Merauder, and other groups suitable to soundtrack a kickboxing tournament.

While they just dropped a 3-track demo earlier this year, Recoil is ready to issue their debut EP, Out for Blood, in a few days. Oli from The Coming Strife hooked me up with a song called "Reality Hurts" to share with No Echo readers today to offer a sampling of what the EP holds for listeners:

Recoil shared some thoughts on the track:

"'Reality Hurts' is pretty self explanatory for a song. Life's a bitch then you die. It was the first song we wrote as a band from scratch. It's short and to the point, originally there was a gap in the song and we decided to ask our friend Cooper from BodyBag (shoutout all the BN1 homies) to hop on the song. The high vocals combined with his lows made for a sick combo on the track."

Out for Blood comes out on April 16th via The Coming Strife across all streaming services. 


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