Canonized (Burn, Absolution) Issue “Bottle Rocket” Music Video from Debut EP

Photo: Malik A

In his bio for Canonized, Anthony Pappalardo (In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight) compares the project's sonic approach to such bands as Barkmarket, Jesus Lizard, and Unsane, and I can't argue with the man. The brainchild of Gavin Van Vlack (Burn, Absolution), Canonized recently issued Message In a Bombshell, a 3-track EP that finds the NYHC veteran handling guitar, vocals, and bass duties alongside Chris Enriquez (Primitive Weapons, Spotlights) on drums.

The aforementioned influences are certainly heard throught the EP, but the unique guitar style and nuances are unmistakably Gavin. With the debut in stores, Canonized are premiering a music video for "Bottle Rocket," a dynamic shot of post-hardcore featured on Message In a Bombshell. The video was directed by  John Krelchevic and shot in NYC.

For live purposes, Gavin is currently joined in Canonized by bassist Manuel Carrero (Stillsuit, Glassjaw, Saves the Day) and Durijah Lang (Classic Case, Saves the Day, Glassjaw). Head to the Canonized Facebook page for more info on the band.


Message In a Bombshell is available on both vinyl and digital from The Essence.

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