Trustkill Fanzine: A Look Back at the ‘90s Hardcore Scene Staple

The '90s hardcore scene will always be near and dear to my heart, and if you were around it back then, you'll remember how vital zines were to the scene. That's why when my friend Josh Grabelle recently hit me up offering to share scans of his Trustkill Fanzine from that era with No Echo's readership, I was 100% down.

For those of you who might not be familiar, Josh was also behind Trustkill Records (1994-2009), booked shows at his parent's New Jersey basement, and is currently running Bullet Tooth. Click this link to read the previous features No Echo has done around his various projects.

Check out a ton of photos from the zine below, and hit the links to get full PDF scans of its three issues:

Trustkill Zine #1 (free PDF download)
Trustkill Zine #2 (free PDF download)
Trustkill Zine #3 (free PDF download)

Here's what Josh had to say:

“In the '90s I did three issues of Trustkill Fanzine that included a lot of my own photos I took at shows. I used to mail copies of my photos to other kids around the world to use in their own zines, and I saved every photo I received as well.

"Some of these photos ended up in Trustkill fanzine in B&W, but most were never used. Enjoy!”

—Josh Grabelle (Trustkill Records, Bullet Tooth)

Photos from Trustkill Fanzine:

Fountainhead @ More Than Music Fest, Dayton, OH, 1993
Avail @More Than Music Fest, Dayton, OH, 1993. (Photo: Chris Higdoen)
Universal Order of Armageddon, 1993.
Sparkmarker (Photo: Eric Thorkellson)
Kerosene 454 (Photo: Eric Z.)
Ressurection, Buffalo, NY, 1993.
Turning Point (Photo: Greg Brown)
Four Walls Falling, 1993.
Function (Photo: Greg Metz)
Sense Field performing in the Netherlands, circa early '90s. (Photo: Sander Van DerKroger)


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