5 “Burning” Songs That Inspired Us, by BURN the Man

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BURN the Man might be comprised of members of such outfits as Odious Icon (blackened thrash) Grinding Fortune (chaotic metalcore), and Bloodspor (hardcore), but the power trio rock to their own (slow) beat. The Oslo band specializes in a sludgy yet unquestionably metal style of songwriting that embraces the spirit of doom in all its funereal glory. BURN the Man's eponymous LP recently hit stores and you can stream that below:

Today, keeping with the theme of their band name, the guys in BURN the Man have compiled a quick list of "burning" songs that have inspired them along the way.

“Burning Man” — Mastodon

Early Mastodon meant progression; a mix of genres and a fuck you attitude based on solid musicianship. “Burning Man” is a good example of early Mastodon being fast and to the point with an amazing Brann Dailor behind the kit.

“Burning the Altar” — YOB

A criticism of any form of organized religion, “Burning The Altar” is an inspiring epos, both lyrically and musically. The song takes you on a journey, as so often with YOB, leaving an urge to destroy and then create again. 

“We Will Burn” — Monolord

Mankind is living in a dark age and the end is getting closer by the hour. In true Sabbathian tradition, this song from Vænir describes it perfectly; Our future is at stake, everything will die and we will burn. Slowly. 

“Burn” — Neurosis

A monumental landscape, building and building. Again, Neurosis demonstrates the ability to tone everything down and force you to listen. And what you listen to is beautiful, vulnerable, ugly and dark  at the same time.

“Burn Your World” — Crowbar

Seeing Crowbar opening for Paradise Lost in 1994 was an eye-opening experience and solid introduction to sludge. All orchestrated by the riffmaster himself; Kirk Windstein. Two years later, Broken Glass came out and reaffirmed the bands position within the genre. “Burn Your World” is one of those great, no bullshit Crowbar tunes with a nice breakdown and at least two killer riffs.


BURN the Man is available now. Follow the band on Facebook.

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