Injury Time: London Band Returns With No-Nonsense Hardcore via New Demo

Photo: Roman Laris

Injury Time is a UK hardcore outfit that formed back in the early '00s, evolving out of the London punk bands Maldito and 17 Stitches.

While Injury Time eventually dropped an EP, a split release with Wisdom In Chains, and an album in 2010 called The Vex, the group maintained a sporadic live schedule. 

After inviting new vocalist Tom Webster into the lineup, Injury Time got back to work, playing shows and writing new material. The lockdown might have slowed their plans, but the band is firing on all cylinders now with a 2-song demo showcasing their no-nonsense take on our beloved hardcore music:

"We’ve all known each other forever and have been in bands so long that at this stage we don’t think about influences," Injury Time frontman Tom tells No Echo. "We just plug in and get going.

"This is the third band I have done with Simon, and the second band I have done with Matty. Rocky is also currently helping out drumming for my other band, Nine Bar. Joe on bass is the newest addition, so new he hasn’t even played a show with us yet, but we have some plans to announce soon. He’s also in Last Orders HC and was an original member of Cold Hard Truth."

Photo: Roman Laris

Tom says the following about Injury Time's local hardcore scene at the moment: "The London scene is strong, a good amount of people have been involved for 10/20 years or longer. Things have been disjointed recently because of COVID, but regular shows are coming back. A couple of my favorite bands sadly split up (Life Betrays Us and Proven) but I know that the same friends will always produce quality hardcore with personality. 

"Of course you have Knuckledust, who are UKHC royalty, having been around for 25 years. Then there is Borstal, Bun Dem Out, Infraction, Nine Bar, Dropset, Prowler, Last Orders HC, Ironed Out, 50 Caliber, Idle Hands, and more. Anything associated with Rucktion Records, really."

Stay tuned for a new Injury Time EP called We Can’t Be Stopped coming out later this year on Then and Now: Essex Hardcore.


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