Big Deal: Michigan Band Focuses on Moshy Crossover Riffs on “Upper Hand” (PREMIERE)

Photo: KInkade Rupert

Bringing to mind everything from the mid-tempo stomp of No Warning to crossover thrash to all points in between that, meet Big Deal.

The Michigan quintet is the latest band to join the growing stable of Heroes & Martyrs, the label founded by Steve Myers, who previously ran Martyr Records in the early '00s (Modern Life Is War, In Control).

Big Deal first appeared on the scene in 2021 via their Great Deal of Pain EP, and last year saw them release a standalone single called "Raw Deal." They've also been playing shows throughout their region, sharing bills with such bands as Never Ending Game, Excide, and Hold My Own.

Today, No Echo is the place to check out "Upper Hand," a new track that will be appearing on Big Deal's forthcoming EP for Heroes & Martyrs, which will be out later this year:

Here's what Big Deal shared about the song's lyrics:

"'Upper Hand' essentially is about desire. When breaking it all down to its roots, most desires in life come from wanting control and taking the 'upper hand' of a situation. It’s about constant comparison and trying to be better than others just for a status and just to get a point across. 'Everyone wants to rule the world, No one wants to do as they’re told.'

"It’s a different approach to hardcore than our first release, 'Great Deal of Pain,' focusing on bouncy riffs and sing a long pile ons."

Photo: Kinkade Rupert

Big Deal's sophomore EP will be out later this year via Heroes & Martyrs. Check out their official website for merch and music links.

Upcoming Big Deal shows:
4/15 – Hamtramck, MI @ Sanctuary w/ Speed, Regulate, Raw Brigade, Doubt It 
5/19 – Ontario, OH @ I Guess It’s A Fest? w/ Mychildren Mybride, Suffocate Faster, Divebomb and more. 
9/22-23 – Mississauga, ON, Canada @ Hold Your Ground Fest w/ No Warning, Harms Way, End It, Judiciary and more. 


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