Poison Wind Spread Their Sonic Virus via “Branch Covidians” (PREMIERE)

Further proving that DIY is king, Poison Wind is another example of a new musical project birthed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Formed during the earliest stages of the quarantine by Brian Magar (Cultic, The Owls ANWTS), Poison Wind finds him bringing together some of his other musician friends from such groups as Baneful Altar, Melancholic, and Foehammer to record 8 original tracks for a collection entitled Virus!

Mager laid the foundation down with his drum tracks, then he passed around the files to the various musicians who contributed vocals, guitar, bass, and other instrumentation. Outside of Mager, no one knew who played on what, further lending the project another element of immediacy.

Today, No Echo is bringing you the premiere of "Branch Covidians," a hardcore meets-metal-meets-D-beat-flavored track from Virus! for you to sink your teeth into:

Magar comments on "Branch Covidians":

“The song is about the quackery and lies of the Trump administration, the mishandling of Coronavirus, and the ever-growing anti-science movement in the United States. The title is a play on the words 'Branch Davidians'; the cult led by David Koresh.”

Virus! will be out on October 31st via Eleventh Key. Pre-order the CD/shirt here, and Bandcamp for the digital.

Poison Wind is:
Joe Coats- Gryla
Steve Dietz- Melancholic
Chad Hammitt- Altar & The Bull, Pagan Youth, Black Yoga Meditation Ensemble
Reese Harlacker- Cultic
Brian Magar- Cultic, The Owls ANWTS
Ben Price- Foehammer, Immiseration, At the Graves, Myopic
Jason Schlossman- Vormund
Bobby Yagodich- Baneful Altar, Worm March, The Owls ANWTS


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