Human Impulse: Metal x Noise Rock x Punk Come Together on Debut EP (PREMIERE)

Made up of a trio of musicians who have previously played in such bands as Path of Destruction, Ambassador Gun, and Tinnitus, Human Impulse formed in 2017. The group specializes in a style of songwriting that coalesces the hardest elements of punk, noise rock, and metal. "We’re fans of many of the same bands so that makes it easy to write and understand how we wanted to shape what we we’re doing," bassist Luke Olson tells No Echo.

"Punk, metal, and rock can be very formulaic. Some of the first iterations of our songs were too. Collectively, I think we have an intrinsic sense to stray from predictability when it makes musical sense. We’ve taken riffs written apart from each other and sculpted them to work together in fun ways. This writing style is becoming more apparent and exciting as we continue to jam together.

"We’re clearly influenced by bands like Tragedy, Neurosis, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, etc. and with a love for bands The Clash, Blondie, Ramones, and so many more!"

Human Impulse will be releasing their eponymous debut EP tomorrow, but No Echo got the early sneak peek ready for our readers below:

Luke breaks down the material on Human Impulse: "The lyrical content is influenced by the past, present and future predicaments of the world. About how information is immediate, distorted and easy to manipulate. Songs of mistrust, paranoia, disgust, hope and despair. We can’t deny our instincts of songwriting based around our influences, so that’s typically where we start. Take a simple riff and see where it goes. I think creating music with the idea that it can be loose and whatever it ends up sounding like is our catalyst. The only rule is there are no rules [laughs]."

Since Human Impulse hails from Minneapolis, No Echo figured it was an opportune moment to ask Luke about the music scene there and how he sees his band fitting in. "All of us came from other bands in the Minneapolis circuit, so we had a really great base of friends and bands to play with straight away. The shows have been promoted and attended well and that’s given us great opportunities  playing in front of new people.

"The reception vibe of our band has been warm and people seem stoked on the release. We’ve played with War//Plague, Conflict, MURF, and Negative Approach, to drop a few names."

Human Impulse will see DIY release through the band digitally and on 12” red vinyl Feb. 28. Pre-order the LP on the trio's Bandcamp page.


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