Hosticide: New Jersey Band Walks Hardcore & Death Metal Tightrope on New EP

Photo: Anthony Glavan

Hosticide is yet another band I discovered while updating No Echo's 2022 Hardcore Releases playlist on Spotify. Their 3-song Violent Intention EP is pure nastiness.

"The band started in 2015 under a different name," guitarist Brendan Cormack told me via email. "Back then we we’re called Cold-Blooded Capitol and we played a mix between groove and nu metal. It started with our guitarist, Anthony Glavan and bassist Gloria Glavan. The two siblings had grown up playing music together and eventually found somewhat likeminded musicians to play with in the north New Jersey area.

"Over the years we had lineup changes and had grown to be more influenced by the local scene around us. We found ourselves drawn to a more hardcore oriented sound, and with that we changed our name to Hosticide."

As I said above, the Violent Intention EP is pure brutality, and Brendan's answer to my question about Hosticide's influences doesn't surprise me to that fact:

"Our sound is essentially old-school death metal with the influence of New Jersey hardcore. There’s many other subgenres we touch on such as grindcore, groove metal, and sludge metal. We draw inspiration from bands like Sepultura, Grave, Acid Bath, Ceremony, and Converge."

Brendan gave me his take on the Garden State hardcore and metal community: "The scene for heavy music in New Jersey gets more interesting every year. Bands with very unique sounds are cropping up everywhere.

"We’re most notably fans of Chemical-X, which is an old-school hardcore punk band from north Jersey with incredibly talented members who deliver a seriously bombastic live show. Cranial damage is another band local to north New Jersey that do a crushingly heavy take on grindcore and groove metal. There’s honestly too many to even remember. Anyone here will tell you that."


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