Xcelerate: Florida Hardcore Band Drops Track from Forthcoming Debut EP (PREMIERE)

Photo courtesy of Xcelerate

Xcelerate is a band that formed in early 2021 by friends from the south Florida hardcore scene.

Comprised of guitarist Sam Owen, bassist Dan Dambrosia, drummer Dan Bauer, and vocalist Christian Barraza, the group cites such influences as Boston Strangler, Coke Bust, and The Rival Mob. I mean, you can't go wrong with that.

After releasing a demo at the end of last year, Xcelerate are gearing up to release their debut EP, Bustin Out. No Echo got the early jump on a track called "When Does It End?" from the forthcoming EP:

Xcelerate singer Christian Barraza told No Echo about the song's lyrics:

"'When Does It End?' is about living paycheck to paycheck. Shit sucks but what are you gonna do. Just gotta make shit happen."

Photo: Andrew NYCZ

Bustin Out will be out on November 8th through K.O.T.P. Records.


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