Fucked and Bound, Suffrage (Atomic! Action Records/Void Assault Records, 2018)

I don’t remember exactly how it was that I stumbled upon Seattle powerhouse Fucked and Bound, but I’m certainly glad I did! After hearing their live lathe cut 7”, I couldn’t wait to hear more. Then one happy day the Internet told me that the band would be releasing their Suffrage LP on Atomic! Action and Void Assault Records. I (im)patiently waited for the pre-orders to go up, forked over my PayPal info, and once again (im)patiently waited for this slab of wax to be delivered to my doorstep. 

Would the wait be worth it? Would it live up to the hype that I had built up in my mind? Well, sometime in late February/early March, those questions were answered. Fuck yes and FUCK YES!

The beautifl and dreary packaging is simple and effective. 13 songs clocking in under 18 minutes. That's already a good sign. Drop the needle on the wax, sit back, and take a fucking beating!

Fucked and Bound are nothing short of ferocious. Suffrage blazes through these 13 tracks without taking a breather. Their delivery is fast and relentless. From the opening track, “Wild Thing,” clocking in at 33 seconds, the record delivers punch after punch of fast, controlled chaos until the closing track, “Abuse of Registry”, a slower heavier song, comes sludging in. They even tease us at the end of track 7, “Party Void,” with an insanely heavy riff that ends a lot quicker than it deserved to be ended! 

Fucked and Bound at the Black Lodge, Seattle, WA, 2018. (Photo: Matt Koroulis)

Not once did I find myself losing interest. Frontwoman Lisa Mungo’s vocal delivery is rabid. The drums, bass, and guitars are played with heavy, urgent precision.

Unlike a lot of records I’ve heard lately, I believe Fucked and Bound. There’s no posturing here, folks. This is hardcore punk. Pure and pissed off, delivered with a sincere sense of urgency that isn’t often caught on tape like this anymore. 

Fucked and Bound are proudly carrying the hardcore punk torch and I look forward to see where they take this in the future.

Suffrage is out now and available at the links below.

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