Original State: Sacto Hardcore Band Observe the Chaos on “Looking Up” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Phil Mengell

Based out of the capital city of my beloved California, Original State is a Sacramento hardcore band that's been around sine 2017. Things really started cooking for the guys once they welcomed in vocalist Dan Vanderpool, the perfect fit for the group's frenzied hardcore assault. His screaming melds into Grant Hodgon's guitar riffs in ideal punk unison.

Since last summer, Original State have been quietly writing and demoing material and No Echo is bringing you the fruit of that labor in the form of "Looking Up," the second track the band has released to date:

"It's about finding comfort at the bottom," Daniel tells me "Looking Up" and its lyrics. "It's about watching all of the chaos unravel yet being at complete peace knowing change and a new adventure wait's ahead. It's only up from here." 

"Looking Up"
It's all looking up when you're staring at the world from the flat of your back
I wish someone would've told me how fun it could be
But it's not. It's miserable, yet deeper I dig my hole
It's the worst part of the desert
While choking on the sea
It's madness
Stress and anxiety wrapped up in sadness
I wish I knew which voice to believe
I'm running and running faster
To avoid this disaster that's falling down on me.
I just wish someone told me how fun it could be
Now my whole world is unraveling
When will I ever learn?
I'm finding meaning in suffered truths
No quiet, no calm
In this language of reality an inch of progress is to be earned
I'm forever free

Stay tuned to Original State's Facebook and Instagram pages for more info on their upcoming releases and live gigs. Speaking of which, the group will be playing their debut live date next week at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento, opening for the Dwarves. Not a bad way to start, my friends!

Original State live dates:
April 5 - Sacramento, CA @ The Blue Lamp w/ Dwarves, Decent Criminal, Yankee Brutal, Piss Cat
May 26 - Sacramento, CA @ Holy Diver w/ Shook Ones, Daydream, Hot Bods


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