Plead: Calgary Metallic Hardcore Band Dials Up the Heavy on “Gag Order” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Cole Hadley

Hardcore outfit Plead formed a couple of years ago in Calgary, releasing their debut EP, Hexed, in 2019. Since then, things have gotten a bit heavier in the sound department. "Plead's sound is high-energy metallic hardcore/metalcore with early '00s breakdowns and two-step riffs," bassist Tyler Beninger tells me. "Recently, we changed our vocals to a heavier style to match the fuller sound of the new EP."

The EP Tyler is referring to is recently issued Expired Blood, a 5-track release that fans of Harm's Way, Kublai Khan, and Terror should take notice of. Plead have just made a music video for the track "Gag Order" to help spread their message of mosh: 

So, what's up with the rest of the Calgary hardcore scene, and how does Tyler see Plead fitting into that framework? "We have a tight DIY local scene in Calgary with a strong following that has continuously showed up to mosh and support us. In our first year of playing shows, we've played the Wildrose Hardcore Fest (pre-show) and opened for a few touring bands. We also had a successful first tour through Western Canada with our good friends in Ugly from Kelowna.

"A few other bands that we enjoy and get along with in the local scene would be Serration, False body, and End Game. A few non-local bands we've gotten along with would be Rust from Ontario, Swing Low from Fargo, ND, and Locked In from Winnipeg."

Photo: Karyssa Leigh

The Expired Blood EP is available now on Plead's Bandcamp page.


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