Disillusionist: Copenhagen-Based Post-Hardcore Trio Drops “Resented” Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jakob Harris

Comprised of vocalist Frederik Brandt Jakobsen, drummer Sara Gacic (Ivy Crown), and guitarist Jakob Høy, Disillusionist is a post-hardcore trio based out of Copenhagen.

Initially started as a solo endeavor for Jakobsen in 2018, Disillusionist organically morphed into a full-on band. The group mines from their post-hardcore and screamo influences of the early '00s in the endeavor.

Disillusionist's debut EP, Love & Anxiety, will be dropping on May 11th, and No Echo has the music video for their track, "Resented," below for you to check out in its advance:

“‘Resented’ is our unapologetic love letter to punk on Love & Anxiety," said the band in an email to No Echo. “The music video was shot in the studio where we wrote and recorded the EP. Massive kudos to talented video producer Jakob Harris, who shot and edited the video.”

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jakobsen at Hikikomori Studio in Copenhagen, Love & Anxiety will hit stores on May 11th via Over the Under Records, and can be pre-ordered here.

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