Crushed, Deep User (Self-Released, 2017)

Back in 2013, Liturgy's Hunter Hunt-Hendrix released a self-titled album with a project called Survival. That record was a definite grower, which isn't surprising since it was an ambitious offering that brought together such disparate influences as post-hardcore, '70s metal, and prog.

Two members of Survival—guitarist Jeff Bobula and drummer Greg Smith—are also in Crushed, a NYC-based outfit that deserve to be on your radar.

Imagine the sound of Deadguy playing AmRep-styled songs at a CBGB's matinee, circa 1996, and you would be close to capturing the sonic fury of Crushed.

On their new Deep User EP, Crushed attack their material with a guitar tone that could cut glass, while Fred Miketa's vocals are every bit as discordant, often teetering into the red zone of the recording meter. Tracked with Uniform guitarist/producer Ben Greenberg, the recording's abrasive sonic approach reveals the group's affinity for noise rock, but as the song "Narc" showcases, Crushed also get down with straight-up metallic hardcore.

Deep User will be available on Bandcamp starting April 14, with a limited run of vinyl coming in May.

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