Take Your Guilt: German Metallic Hardcore Crew Celebrate Decade Together with New Album

Photo: Norman Müller

The Aachen, Germany-based metallic hardcore quartet known as Take Your Guilt's formation story starts back in the 2010s. "I played guitar and Joscha played drums and we went to the same school and started music projects early on," guitarist Nino told No Echo via email.

"After a few bands together and a short break, Sebastian got in touch in 2013 and wanted to start a hardcore project with him as a singer. Take Your Guilt was then completed by Jens on bass. But Sebastian quit quickly after that and we brought in Henning as a replacement. We continued together with that lineup for 3 years until Jens had to leave the band for personal reasons. Joscha's brother Luca came in as a replacement on bass in 2017. In 2023 we celebrated our 10th anniversary together."

Take Your Guilt celebrated their decade together by releasing a new album called Empire of Greed at the beginning of 2024:

"We wanted to create a special type of hardcore music," said Nino and Joscha about their sound. "It should be a mixture of hardcore and thrash metal. The sound is dominated by fast riff parts and also typical hardcore breaks and beatdowns. We also wanted to sound a bit more melodic and more komplex as we did on our last EP, Trapped in a Lie.

"We would say our main influences are bands like Worst, Exodus, Slayer, Nasty, Rise of the Northstar, and Get the Shot."

Photo: Norman Müller

So, what are the immediate future plans for Take Your Guilt now that the album is out? "For sure, we want to play a lot of shows if it is possible. We want to share our music with people who love heavy music. Thats what its all about. And for sure Empire of Greed will not be our last recording."


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