Cold Case BHC: Brutal Hardcore Unit Tease EP via “Cold Case Crew” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Ian Ray

Specialists of a strain of dark hardcore, Cold Case BHC was originally a solo vehicle for guitarist Jason Guigno. Realizing the project's powerful potential, the Boston-based riff dealer welcomed in 4-likeminded musicians to make it into a full-on band.

Cold Case BHC made its debut at the top of 2023 via the 5-song EP, Beyond Recognition, and I featured them around the time in a New Hardcore Band Spotlight. "When I started messing around with a sound, I had three main bands in mind that do a lot of things well, and I took some elements I loved from each to focus on: Hatebreed, First Blood, and Recon," Jason told me at the time.

Today marks the announcement of Cold Case BHC's second EP, There Will Be Blood. Hitting digital outlets on October 20th, I got hooked up with the video for one the EP's tracks, a nasty one called "Cold Case Crew":

Cold Case BHC guitarist Jason Guigno sent No Echo the following thoughts on the new song:

“'Cold Case Crew' was made to just be a down and dirty unapologetic song. It was spawned from a doomier riff that our other guitarist Nick was working on that caught my attention and I was like, 'let’s speed that up, add some chugs and put some bounce in it.' Pat our drummer picked up on it right away and it quickly morphed into the Intro riff that sets the pace for the whole song and leads you to the big breakdown and anthem at the end.

"The song was a total morale booster for us. It happened right before we were scheduled to record new material and it was awesome to let loose on a song that felt so raw and unhinged with the perfect message to match it, which my brother nails in his description below.”

Here's what vocalist Eric Guigno added about the track:

“'Cold Case Crew' is an anthem for the homies. It’s about becoming an unstoppable force. Friends becoming brothers through pain and hardship. Repping your city and never letting them forget where the fuck we are from. It’s about taking pride in what we built as brother’s and riding it out until the wheels fall off and letting absolutely nothing stand in our way.”

Cold Case BHC will be closing out the year with an October 21st show in Wallingford, Connecticut at Cherry Street Station, and November 3rd at the American Legion Hall in Waltham, Massachusetts:

There Will Be Blood will hit all streaming outlets on October 20th (pre-save on Apple Music here). A CD version of the EP with bonus content will arrive in early 2024 via 1054 Records.

Hit the Cold Case BHC Linktree to find all of their social media pages.


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