Snuffed: Ripping Chicago Hardcore Unit Returns with “Lobotomy Dream” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Brian Santostefano

Chicago hardcore has been in great shape in the last few years with newer blood and Snuffed is part of that wave. 2022 saw the release of the band's Coping Human Waste, which then brought them around the States, including an appearance at Flyover Fest in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With a sound that is ferocious as it is (somehow still) catchy, Snuffed should already be on the radar of fans of such bands as GEL and School Drugs.

For their next chapter, the band is gearing up to release their next album, a ripper called Lobotomy Dream.

Since No Echo has connections (I kid), I scored us an early stream of the album's brutal title track to whet the appetite. Seriously, folks, how much does this rage?

"I've released a lot of records in my 30+ years in the hardcore scene, but Lobotomy Dream is easily one of my favorites," says Shawn Hopman, owner/operator of Another City Records, the label releasing the record. "I'm stoked for people to finally hear it" 

Lobotomy Dream will be out on February 17th via Another City Records. The album will be available digitally on all platforms and pre-orders for vinyl/cassettes will be on January 26th at AnotherCityRecords.com.

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