Countime: Los Angeles Hardcore Band Returns with “Juzgarme” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Tim Strong

Los Angeles hardcore outfit Countime has been doing its thing since the mid-'00s. Initially formed as a side project by members of Set Aside and Difference of Opinion, the group has been working hard both locally and outside of California, including a successful run on the 2020 Persistence Tour in Europe.

That trek found them sharing the bill with the Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, H20, Street Dogs, Billy Bio, Wisdom in Chains, and Cut Throat L.A.

With a slew of releases under their belt, Countime joined forces with Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Powerflo, BillyBio) in 2018, with the veteran musician working with the group in his Los Angeles studio.

Already dropping the Pandemic EP last month, Countime will be releasing a new full-length entitled No Apologies No Regrets later this month. Get an early taste of the full-length via a music video for the track "Juzgarme" below:

Countime said the following about the song:

"We wrote this during the lockdown and basically it's plain and simple if there was a World War III we're people are fighting over food water etc. my family comes first and I don't care what anybody thinks so they can judge me on however my actions proceed..."

No Apologies No Regrets will be out on May 28th via Demons Run Amok.


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