Desmadre: Los Angeles Hardcore Band Captures Their Music & City’s Essence on “Clownin’ Around” Music Video

Photo: Luis Hernández 

Cooking up a sonic stew that combines hardcore, metal, punk, and other flavors, Desmadre is a musical collective based out of the City of Angels.

Formed in 2021, the group has proudly waved the flag for their Latin roots, putting it down for LAHC all the while. The band even dropped a cumbia track called "Sufrir" last year, a boundary-busting move that further showcased Desmadre's musical prowess.

Desmadre's latest single, "Clownin' Around," drives forward to a metallic hardcore groove and features guest vocals from Nathan Rebelledo of Xibalba, a band who's legacy in Southern California heavy music has already been cemented.

Today, No Echo is proud to bring you the music video premiere of "Clownin' Around." Directed by Luis Hernández, the video captures the essence of Desmadre's ethos, blending gritty urban landscapes with striking imagery and captivating performances. Naturally, it was shot in Los Angeles:

For more information and updates, follow Desmadre on Instagram. The band also has new merch up on their store.

Upcoming Desmadre shows:
April 19th - Los Angeles, CA - Circus of Disgust
April 27th - Pomona, CA - Mosh For Youth
May 10th - San Diego, CA
May 18th - 2 Live & Die in LA
May 24th - Oxnard, CA
May 25th - Richmond, CA
May 31st - Los Angeles, CA 
June 1st - Phoenix, AZ
June 2nd - Phoenix, AZ (Cumbia set)

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