FALL: Louisville Group Brings Chaotic Metallic Hardcore on “Pride Cometh…” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Tyler Mazza

While its initial members guitarist Peter Sieg and vocalist Michael Spalione began jamming together in 2017, FALL truly solidifed in 2018 when drummer Andrew Michaels and bassist Kris Burns joined the lineup.

The musical style they coalesced in Peter's basement brings to mind the chaos core of Converge and the metallic hardcore mosh of '90s hardcore. Fall's arrangements pack tons of shifts in both tempo and mood, keeping the listener uneasy yet attentive. It's a potent cocktail.

FALL will be releasing their debut album, Messiahs, this coming summer, but No Echo has partnered with Patient Zero Records to present a track from the collection called "Pride Cometh​.​.​.​said the Adam to the Abyss the Moment After His Final Breath" below:

"The song was inspired by my son’s laugh,” says vocalist Michael. “He has this triumphant fury in his excited laughter, and it makes me think of Jesus on Holy Saturday—the 24 hours between Good Friday and Easter Sunday when God was in the grave. The song tells the story of Christ invading the grave, announcing his victory, and laughing in the face of the defeated principalities and powers.”

Messiahs will feature lyrical content spanning everything from stories to political and religious arguments. "Essentially, I had a really hard crisis of faith a few years back that shook me down to my core," Michael admits.

"A lot of the lyrical content of our songs are prayers I spoke during that time or ways that I have come to understand the significance of Jesus over and against anything else that would claim to be a political messiah.”

Photo: Errick Easterday

So, is FALL a Christian band? "I guess it depends on what you mean. All the members of FALL confess that Jesus is Lord and try to live life in light of that confession. But we also have no interest in monetizing Christ by catering to a Christian music market."

Messiahs will be out this summer on Patient Zero Records.

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