Mariscal X: Buenos Aires-Based Hardcore Band Hooks Up with US Label for EP Release

Photo: Alexis Sejas

In late 2023, Carlos Ramirez of No Echo introduced us to Argentinian straight edge football enthusiasts, Mariscal X. Please check out that article for a great interview with the band’s singer, Pelusa, who turned 12 (!) in February.

Previously released digitally, their release, Una Yarda Mas, features seven short and fast youth crew jams, akin to Ten Yard Fight and all of the early React! Records bands. 

Southern California-based label Extinction Burst has teamed up with En El Desierto, a straight edge fanzine run by Fedex, who plays guitar in the Mariscal X, to realse Una Yarda Mas on vinyl.

En El Desierto started in Buenos Aires in 2003 and has put out a number of releases for South American, European, and Japanese hardcore bands, as well as some contemporary US bands such as Change, Spaced, and MOVE BHC.

Raymon Ruiz of Extinction Burst muses on Mariscal X’s lyrical content, “On the surface, it’s evident that football is the main theme throughout, however these lyrics really do relate football to real life.” It’s that kind of duality that gives the band its charm and helps them to stand out in a genre that could always use a fresh perspective. 

Mariscal X recently announced that they will be supporting Bane at a show in Buenos Aires this August.

Photo: Gonzalo Marrone

Pick up the Una Yarda Mas 7” directly from Extinction Burst.

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