Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘em Ups Return to “Destroy All Monsters” on New Seven Inch

Photo: Rusty Glessner 

With roots firmly planted on the sleazy streets of NYC, Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups last appeared on No Echo via their earlier 2019 seven inch, Satanic Brooklyn Scum. This time out, the self-described "Hardcore Horror Punk Metal" band is returning to record store shelves with Destroy All Humans, a 3-track slab of vinyl that should satisfy the thirst of their twisted fans. 

Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups singer Jaqueline Blownaparte says, “These are 3 throat ripping, brain smashing, ear bludgeoning tracks to make love to while raising the dead," before letting out a demented laugh. Yep, this is a group that lives up their maniacal name.

Check out the title track to the new EP below:

Along with the title track, the new record will also feature the songs “Slay to Kill (Kill to Slay)" and “Midnight Madhouse.” Fittingly, Destroy All Humans will arrive in stores on Friday the 13th of December on 1332 Records. The label will be issuing it on neon green, purple, and black wax. Pre-orders are up now on the label’s site.

Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups will be opening for Poison Idea on their final show, Sunday, Dec. 29 at the Kingsland in Brooklyn. They'll also be playing in Pittsburgh and Baltimore for the first time ever in January and February: 


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