Ezra Cohen: New Hampshire Musician Brings Lemonheads-like Hooks on “Just Like You” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Brittany Rose Queen

We’ve got an exclusive song premiere from Ezra Cohen! The track, “Just Like You,” is from Cohen’s forthcoming debut LP, The Sweet Million.

Having cut his teeth in the New Hampshire DIY scene with his bands Notches and Charles, Ezra now brings a seamlessly mature first full-length outing as a solo artist.

The record is coming out on Dead Broke Rekerds and Relief Map Records, and offers the listener traces of the Lemonheads, Westerberg/Stinson, Lucinda Williams, and (older) Wilco throughout its 10 songs.

Listen for yourself below via the irresistible Americana-tinged guitar-pop of "Just Like You":

The Sweet Million is a triumphant and dynamic LP that is likely to be one of the best indie rock records coming out in 2022.

Expect pre-orders up soon from both Dead Broke Rekerds and Relief Map Records.


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