The Spirit of Youth Is Alive and Well: Three New Straight Edge Bands You Need to Know

If you’ve been at all active within the hardcore scene over the last several years you know that we’re all living through a very interesting era that has seen the arrival of so many new bands in a very short period of time, and amazingly a huge number of them are genuinely good and have worthwhile things to say with their music. 

While this is obviously not a bad thing, it does make it easier to miss a release here and there, just by virtue of the sheer volume of new material being constantly churned out from all over the wide world of hardcore. 

With that in mind, I’d like to put the spotlight on three new straight edge bands that should absolutely be on your radar. Interestingly, all three bands come from parts of the US that are not historically known as the go-to hot beds of that classic Youth Crew sound, but make no mistake: all three are bringing the heat and you’ll want to keep an eye on their trajectories as they continue to do so. 

Full Stride

Photo: Logan/@portable.hole

First off, we have Full Stride, hailing from Bloomington, Indiana. Formed in June 2022 and dropping their Demo 2022 in October, the young band has crafted a sound that will catch the ear of anyone who has a particular affinity for the classic late 80’s sound, but with a little modern sensibilities mixed in. I’m not too shy to say that their demo has been in nearly constant rotation for me ever since I came across it.

If you find you have a taste for bands like Wide Awake and The First Step, with a surprising little dash of The Effort tossed in to keep things interesting, look no further than Full Stride.

Recommended standout track for first-time listeners: “Gulch Brigade”

Defiant Path

Photo: Sofia Diaz

Next we have Defiant Path, from Savannah, Georgia. Coming together in April 2022 and releasing their Spririt of ‘22 EP in November, they’ve wasted no time in making their presence felt, perfectly embodying the Youth-Crew-meets-fastcore sound that has been turning heads all across the southeast scene, putting not just their musical chops, but also their edge and their leftist ideals on full unabashed display.

If bands like Stop and Think, Final Exit, and Desperate Measures are regularly in your rotation, then Defiant Path will fit in quite nicely.

Recommended standout track for first-time listeners: “Reaching Out”

Time X Heist

Photo: Maxwell Hendrickson

And finally we have Time X Heist, out of Denver, Colorado. Forming as recently as August 2022 and self-releasing their The Odds Against Tomorrow EP in November, TxH is the newest featured project on this list.

Made up of veterans from their home scene, it’s no surprise to anyone who knows them that the EP came out as good as it did, seamlessly blending sounds from the late '90s Youth Crew revival up through the more melodic '00s style.

For those of us who can’t get enough of those Floorpunch and Mouthpiece vibes, with the interesting addition of some Comeback Kid flavor sprinkled throughout, Time X Heist definitely scratches that itch. 

Recommended standout track for first-time listeners: “Forever True”


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