Low Spirits: Arkansas Quintet Delivers Blackened Crust Mayhem on “Alone” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Cecilia Polatsidis

Low Spirits is a band that crosses off a few different stylistic boxes No Echo readers will approve of. 

Formed in 2018, the quintet write songs that feature flavors of hardcore punk, crust punk, and raw black metal. It's a ferocious sonic concoction that was first heard on Low Spirit's 2019 EP, Bring Me Peace. and last October's standalone track, "Bury Me."

Starting the year off with some aural mayhem, the group has teamed with No Echo to bring the premiere of yet another new Low Spirits song, "Alone," and it's a doozy:

"It's a song that expresses a personal struggle with feeling stagnant in life," Low Spirits vocalist James Founds told No Echo via email. "With death being an inevitable certainty, it can be difficult to find passion, motivation, or develop meaningful relationships."

"We all want connection and purpose for our lives but sometimes we find ourselves so out of touch with what truly matters that if feels like nothing matters. 'Alone' explores those feelings."

"Alone" is available tomorrow (January 22) via Bandcamp.

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