Milquetoast: Trio Melds ‘80s West Coast-Styled Punk & Sludge on “Dead Inside” (PREMIERE)

Photos: Benny Stucker

Mining the fertile ground between classic West Coast punk and weirdo sludge, Indiana-based trio Milquetoast are poised to release their idiosyncratic brand of noise punk on an unexpecting world.

Their debut album, Caterwaul, mastered by Chris Fielding of the mighty Conan, is due out on January 28th courtesy of Wise Blood Records. 

The most direct description of Milquetoast might go something like: “Melvins meets Flipper, with Black Flag floating around the edges."

And while that might be a good starting point, it certainly doesn’t cover the entirety of the band’s sound. Look at the song “Step Off,” which jams like Kyuss meets Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion yet still somehow sounds punk, or “Matapacos” which re imagines the Dead Kennedys as a sludge band. “Space Force” even brings Milquetoast's take on surf rock.

Today, we bring you the album’s lead track, the gut-punching “Dead Inside," a song that sounds like Black Flag meeting Electric Wizard in a dark alley. It's as feral and glorious as you might imagine:

Vocalist/guitarist Ty Winslow describes the writing process of “Dead Inside”:

"The song is about dealing with abusive and manipulative people, and how self doubt made me vulnerable to those situations. The music came out of a spontaneous rehearsal jam, and I already had the lyrics half-written from a couple of years prior.

"Unfortunately I had some newer experiences that made it easy to finish up those lyrics. It only took a few rehearsals to get it written. Despite the subject matter, it’s a really fun song to play." 

Caterwaul will be out on January 17th via Wise Blood Records. Pre-order it at this link.


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