The Path: Vermont Hardcore Band Goes Hunting for Nazis on “Neckbeard Death March”

Photo: Core BTM

Featuring folks who have previously played in such bands as Contra (Long Island), As We Were, and Crucial Times, the Path is a Vermont-based hardcore band that No Echo has previously covered on the site.

If there was ever a song made for these turbulent times in American, the band's "Neckbeard Death March" could be it.

Coupled with the video imagery below, the song's stomping hardcore attack does a bang-up job of taking so-called "proud boys" to task:

"After World War II, Nazi war criminals went into hiding," the Path said via email. "They folded their flags, put they away in their attic and waited. Heroes like Simon Wiesenthal saw this danger and dedicated their lives to finding these criminals and bringing their crimes to justice.

"When the dust settles and Trump supporters hide their shame in their attics we will remember that they are also waiting. We must find them and we must bring them to justice."

"Neckbeard Death March" is slated to appear on an upcoming split 10 inch on State of Mind Recordings. 

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