fleshprison: Filthy Hardcore Enthusiasts Need to Listen to Hungarian Band’s Debut EP

Photo: Balázs Szabó

The nastiest elements of hardcore, metal, and punk all rule the sonic world fleshprison dwell in. Formed in 2020, the Budapest-based band made its No Echo debut last year and I'm psyched to feature them again today with some new music in tow.

Guitarist László Alakszai said it best when he told me the following about the fleshprison sound: "Some of our friends told us that our songs gave them some Rorschach vibes just with more fast parts."

Now that I have your attention, I would love for you to check out fleshprison's debut EP, a self-titled monster comprised of the band's first 7 tracks:

fleshprison also teamed up with Erdős Lóránt who edited a frenetic music video for EP track "(Mis)interpretation":

The fleshprison 7-inch will be out later this year via Solace Music.

fleshprison on social media: Bandcamp


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