Foreseen, Grave Danger (20 Buck Spin, 2017)

When you kick off your new album with a song called "Violent Discipline," you better back that shit up, but just a few seconds into said track and it's evident that Foreseen are up to the task.

Grave Danger is the Finnish miscreants' second album and it comes weighted with a ton of expectation since their debut full-length—2014's Helsinki Savagery—struck a chord with so many crossover devotees across the globe. But the relentless rage of "Violent Discipline" sets the tone here, letting the listener know that they're fully aware that people are expecting more of the raw riffing and gruff vocals that permeated their first album.

"Chemical Heritage" continues the onslaught with a fury, flinging off NYHC-approved guitar parts with a slower breakdown towards the end of the track that could have been written by the mighty Infest. The guitar solos that appear throughout the album are of the Combat Records, circa 1988, variety, and that's A-OK with me!

An essential ingredient to the success of Foreseen's sound is vocalist Mirko Nummelin. His delivery on such tracks as "Bloodline" and "Downward Spiral" have the clarity usually found in hardcore vocals, but like Agnostic Front's Roger Miret, there's a certain dementedness to his style. Nummelin's importance to this group's sonic barrage cannot be overstated.

Along with Red Death and Power Trip, Foreseen are writing and recording some of the finest crossover we've ever known.

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