Fistful Threats: Indonesian Quintet Dials Up Metallic Hardcore on Debut EP

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Fistful Threats is yet another newer band hailing from the fertile Indonesian hardcore scene.

Based out of Manado, the quintet was founded in 2023 by vocalist Syarifudin Soleman and bassist Rio Fernando, who were eventually joined by guitarists Rasya Montu and Ayyad Feisal, and Dandi Lazwardi on drums, also from the band 406 who was recently profiled on No Echo.

Just released last week, Fistful Threats dropped Mobilize Disgust, a 4-track EP fans of metallic hardcore should take note of:

“The working process of Mobilize Disgust is a form of our unrest starting from 'Small Town Small Minded' which is a disgust at the mindset and moronic culture that is nurtured in this city," vocalist Syarifudin told No Echo. "The third track, 'Won't Back Down,' is still in the context of anger by responding to the Kanjuruhan issue that took place simultaneously with the writing process of this EP.

"'If I Had a Gun' is simply still in the anger about the stupidity of the people in this city that happens on the street, in the corners of alleys, narrow alleys, about how people smoke carelessly on the street, drivers who pull over carelessly without rules, motorbikes that are parked carelessly on the sidewalk, jerk neighbour who play loud songs at 6 am, private events that close the public roads, and many more. This third song is a kind of connection/follow up to the first song.” 

Fistful Threats will be part of a live bill on July 13th in their hometown of Manado, Indonesia along with Human Flesh Party, Purple Face, 406, and other acts.

Mobilize Disgust is out now via No Match Records.

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