Ill Comm: Rising Quintet Represents for the Connecticut Hardcore Scene on Bad Plan EP

Connecticut's Ill Comm came on the scene with a well-received demo in 2020. Since then, they've grown a following in the CTHC scene and played a bunch of shows with the likes of such hardcore stalwarts as Madball, Blind Justice, and Year of the Knife.

This has led the band to work with Jay Reason's Static Era Records label to release their debut EP, Bad Plan.

Bad Plan will remind listeners of bands such as Backtrack, Frostbite, and No Warning. Ill Comm's aggressive and bouncy NYHC-iinfluenced songwriting is showcased on this 5-song EP which just dropped last week and was mastered by the legendary Zeuss (Hatebreed, Municipal Waste).

“'Shut Out' was the first song we started writing for the EP, right after the demo came out," Cesar from the band told me. "We really took our time with the songwriting process to come up with songs that we liked and I definitely think that’s the case."

Sit back, get comfy and listen to "Shut Out" and the rest of the EP. Pay attention! Ill Comm is here to stay.

Ill Comm plays their record release show this Saturday Oct. 1st at the WAMLEG in Wallingford, CT along with Raw Life, Wisdom & War, Broken Vow, Torture Chamber, Anklebiter, and Means of Survival. First 50 paid will receive a physical CD copy of Bad Plan courtesy of Static Era Records.

Bad Plan is available now on CD (order here) and all digital outlets via Static Era Records. 

Ill Comm on social media: Twitter | Instagram

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