Perp Walk: UK Hardcore Rippers Return with Permacrisis EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Yazan Abbas 

Perp Walk are a hardcore band based in Bristol, UK, but with members spread out across the South West. Although still relatively fresh on the scene, championing a new wave of chain punk inspired hardcore coming out of South West UK.

Having made some waves with their debut EP, The Chain of Infection, back in May, they’ve followed up with support slots for the likes of Scowl, Bib, Sheer Terror, and Fucked Up. With their new record Permacrisis coming out via Hollow Life and Crew Cuts Records, they’re about to prove why the South West is not a scene to sleep on.

Dan, guitar "I wrote some demos back in 2017 after hearing Bib's record Moshpit, and after a false start or two, Perp Walk was born in March '22. I recruited some longtime friends and some new faces and we've been working hard trying to put the South West on the map with the help of some great mates in bands like Uncertainty, Gimic, Skrewball, and Overpower."

Pious Paul, vocals "'Permacrisis' by definition is a long period of great difficulty, confusion or suffering that seems to have no end and was the word of the year in 2022. This word not only describes the subject matter on this record, some which are  an inward reflection on me as a person at the point when I wrote these lyrics but also speaks to a world in complete turmoil in 2023.

Between political and social unrest, war, a police force that’s institutionally rotten and a health service in the UK on its knees, I couldn’t think of a more fitting title or definition to describe the world in its current state or a record title that describes my life in one word. 

I want to also dedicate this record to the memory of Jake Marlowe who was killed in Israel saving others from the attacks on the Supernova Trance music festival on October 7th and who will forever be a hero to so many who were lucky enough to know him."


Permacrisis is out digitally and on cassette via Hollow Life Records, with 7" via Crew Cuts Records expected to be pressed in January (pre-order).


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