Video Premiere: Triobelisk, “Zoneplex”

We're excited to bring you the video premiere for "Zoneplex," from sci-fi/Dungeons & Dragons electronic music disciple Triobelisk. In his sapien disguise of Shelby Cinca, Triobelisk is well-known for his stint on vocals/guitar for '90s spazz-core champions Frodus. Among his other numerable musical personas is '80s video game-scoring synthwave project, Tanimura Midnight.

The "Zoneplex" video heralds a new release of the Triobelisk Trilogy this week. The release collects two previous Triobelisk EPs with a brand new one, and is available now in digital and cassette formats from Swedish Columbia Records.

It should be mentioned that the track is named after a board game that Cinca created in the spirit of the old TSR, Inc. Dungeons & Dragons that takes place within an alien pyramid on the edge of a black hole. Cinca did the artwork for the board game and had a successful Kickstarter campaign for funding.

Head to the Zoneplex Bandcamp page to listen to more tracks from the game.