Twin Rivals: Canadian HC Crew Stand Up for the Underdogs on “Hell’s Coming” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Rick Beaulieu at Capture the Core

Based out of Toronto, Twin Rivals is a Canadian hardcore band with a penchant for infectious melodies. Inspired by such bands as Verse, Comeback Kid, and With Honor, the sextet is part of the State of Mind Recordings roster, a label that has issued recordings from Spirits and Old Ghosts, among others. 

This April, Twin Rivals are going to release their debut album, On Tilt, and to help introduce the group to No Echo readers, I've got my hands on "Hell's Coming," a searing track from the LP.

"'Hell's Coming' is a song is a song about standing up for the people who can't stand up for themselves, as well as regaining confidence and pushing through adversary," says the band. Stay tuned to Twin Rivals' Facebook page for more info on the band and their upcoming shows. Head to the State of Mind Recordings store to see what the label has cooking. If you're in Europe, the folks at Useless Pride will be handling the release, while Canadian fans can pick up a copy of the EP from Chimeric Records.

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