Track Premiere: Adam Gnade (feat. Planet B), “Life is the Meatgrinder That Sucks in All Things”

Adam Gnade (Photo courtesy of Three One G).

With a title like “Life is the Meatgrinder That Sucks in All Things," you know the collaboration between musician/author Adam Gnade and Planet B is going to be on some head-trip kind of shit. Well, as you'll hear in our exclusive stream below, the 23-minute track does not disappoint.

Planet B is a trio that features Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox, Dead Cross, Head Wound City), Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Head Wound City, Zu), and Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, First Power Crew), and on "Life is the Meatgrinder That Sucks in All Things" they lay down a sparse yet discomforting instrumental bed for Gnade's spoken-word track. 

After you listen to “Life is the Meatgrinder That Sucks in All Things" below, take a moment to read Gnade's thoughts on the Planet B collaboration.

"Usually when I record these 'talking songs' or mini audio books or whatever you want to call them, I play the music myself in the attic of the farmhouse where I live. This time I sent the bare vocal tracks off to Justin, Gabe, and Luke from Planet B and let them get all free-noise on it. More than anything I've done, this suite of music (an EP stretched over one continous track) feels like a film soundtrack, like the night-scapes from David Lynch or the minimalist percussion pieces from Birdman. It also reminds me of some of broodier, introspective stuff from the later Locust records like Safety Second, Body Last. This is the weirdest release of mine to date and I'm proud as hell of what the boys did here. I've been calling 2017 the 'Year of the Audio Literary Scene' and it feels good to throw this one into the ring." 
-Adam Gnade

"Life is the Meatgrinder That Sucks in All Things" will be available digitally via Three One G on March 17 and can be purchased here.