Track Premiere: ...And We All Die, “Modern Day Privateers”

Photo: Jason Hamacher

Raymond Burton Estes is a veteran of the Texas punk and hardcore scene. Now based in DC, he has hooked up with producer/guitarist/drummer Jason Rufuss Sewell of One-Eyed Doll to help round out the sound of ...And We All Die, a new project that finds Estes exploring a gothed-out punk approach.

No Echo is psyched to present "Modern Day Privateers," the first digital single from ...And We All Die. The song will be part of an EP to be released within the next month that will also feature John Gable of Knifight, and Darin Johnson of Eleventh Hour and 1066. Remixers include Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers, Melvins), Deadverse (Will Brooks of Dälek), Gost, Knifight, Frantic Mantis (Shelby Cinca of Frodus), and more.

The lyrical theme of "Modern Day Privateers," while essentially generic, is personally important because it suggests a universal truth we all feel and connect with. Every segment of society has a scapegoat to blame for woes, collectively or individually. But who is this Bogeyman? Who is this shadowy figure behind the curtain responsible for our failings? Who perpetrates the crimes that enrage us? Is this Bogeyman real? I also think this particular song is among the more melodic of our tunes, and balances the heavy with the darker elements.
- Raymond Burton Estes

You can purchase the "Modern Day Privateers" single on iTunes. Fans of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets should also check out the Daniel Ash remix of the track here.