Life of Crime: Ohio Hardcore Band Pens Track Inspired by ‘The Bottoms’ Area in Columbus

Photo: Alex DeWall of No Chains Visuals

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Life of Crime first appeared via a self-titled 5-song EP last summer. "The band isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel by any means with our approach to hardcore," guitarist Ryan Wade told No Echo via email. 

"It's fast, heavy, aggressive, and pissed-off music written by hardcore kids for hardcore kids. With that you can assume most of the influences on our sound come from bands like Terror, Trapped Under Ice, No Warning, and Death Before Dishonor."

Starting their year off with a bang, Life of Crime just dropped a music video for "Trenches," a track that will appear on the group's forthcoming debut album, Street Gospel. Life of Crime vocalist Dylan Lake is joined on the song by Jordan Holland of the bands Domestic Terror and Weed Demon:

"When it comes to the lyrical content in our songs, it’s basically what you should expect from a band born out of the inner city," Ryan explained. 

"Every song is some sort of personal reference from Dylan’s own life, whether that be dealing with his mental illness, the trouble he has found himself in with the law, social issues plaguing our community, or the things he has done throughout his life, good or bad.

"'Trenches,' specifically, is based on the area where Dylan and Life of Crime resides known as 'The Bottoms' on the west side of Columbus."

Ryan also sent me his thoughts on the underground music community Life of Crime is part of. "The local scene in Columbus is currently in a bit of a rebuilding phase. I assume like most places COVID has sort of wrecked the scene. But with that comes a ton of new bands working hard and putting in work in Columbus and across Ohio.

"Big shout outs to Treason down in Cincinnati, Live It Down up in Cleveland, Dizeaze up in Toledo, and Divebomb out in Mansfield."

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