Rabbit: Brooklyn Band’s “Hellmouth” Is a Menacing Dose of Hardcore You Need to Hear

When I first profiled Rabbit earlier this year, drummer Mike told me the following about their sound: "Everyone in the band brings something different to the table in terms of influences, but collectively we all love loud, noisy bands." 

Well, that's certainly not surprising when you hear the Brooklyn, New York-based group's crude hardcore sound. It first came to my attention via their 2022 4-song demo, and I was obviously not the only person taking notice.

Vladimir Necovski of Delayed Gratification Records also champions Rabbit, inviting the group to join his label's roster. DGR boasts a lineup that also includes Slug, Prevention, and Rejoice, so Rabbit is in killer company.

Rabbit will be releasing their debut EP, Halo of Flies, through their new label next month, so dig into a raging track from it called "Hellmouth" to get you better aquainted with their sound:

Rabbit vocalist Andre sent me the following thoughts on Halo of Flies:

"We wrote this EP at a pivotal point in my life—it was either keep doing drugs or save myself. In one version life would be hard, and in the other I would be dead. We wrote the EP in chronological order and ‘Hellmouth’ came at the time when the rose tinted glasses came off and life hit me over the head. Everything was coming up Andre, work was going good, relationships are going great, yet everything still sucks.

"All this therapy and all I’m feeling now is anger, pain, regret, and sadness? I was in therapy and in my head ad nauseam repeated: 'All I feel is hate.' But I knew it was a step forward and today I’m grateful for that hate, for too long I didn’t feel shit so I’m lucky to even be able to feel hate or pain these days.” 

Rabbit will soon be heading out on a run of US shows with DGR labelmates En Love and Crime Light (dates above).

Halo of Flies will be out on December 2nd via Delayed Gratification Records.

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