5 Bands from Denver to Check Out, by Fathers

Denver's Fathers is a band that isn't easy to categorize, but what is clear is how crushing their material is. A sludgy guitar tone and percussive-heavy rythmic attack permeates everything they do, and while they cite such bands as ISIS and Whores. as prime influences, there's more of a racous hardcore vibe to what these guys are doing. Fathers' eponymous debut full-length album is a menacing trip that goes quiet and atmospheric one moment, and then turns around and beats you over the head with a hammer of distorted guitars and maniacal vocals.

With the Fathers album getting the limited edition vinyl treatment from Sailor Records on March 30, the gentlemen of the band have blessed the site with a list of some other bands from the Denver area we should all check out.


5-piece raucous punk rock band that often sets up and plays in the crowd.

Its Just Bugs 

New dark hip-hop full band with progressive lyrics, like a mix between Holy Fuck and Death Grips.

Muscle Beach 

A powerhouse trio along the lines of Refused. Highly anticipated full-length coming out in 2018.

Echo Beds 

Crazy ass underground industrial duo that uses old oil drums for percussion.

Poolside at the Flamingo 

Some of the best musicians in the area doing hardcore metal.

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