Sweat: Graf Orlock, Dangers Members Rock Out Hardcore Punk on “Hit & Run” (PREMIERE)

"Gotta Give It Up finds the band moving through territorial influences that range from the Wipers to Cro-Mags, Masshysteri to Rival Mob, & Motörhead to Thin Lizzy, with a sprinkling of disco cadence."

If that description doesn't intrigue you, then I'm not sure why you're reading No Echo in the first place.

That was included within the press information for Sweat, a Los Angeles-based outfit comprised of members of such bands as Graf Orlock, Dangers, and Ghostlimb. Formed in 2019, the quartet does a bang-up job of melding their wide-ranging aforementioned influences into a style that packs the punch of hardcore, the swing of hard rock, and the balls of punk.

Sweat dropped a self-titled EP last year, and they're gearing up for the release of their debut album, Gotta Give It Up. Hit the little red play button below to check out "Hit & Run," the LP's infectious (in a good, non-COVID way) opening track:

Sweat vocalist Tuna Tardugno said the following about her lyrics to the track:

"'Hit & Run' is the push-pull feeling of things going right and wrong all at the same time; the super fine line between what should be right versus what feels right. It's about being a hit while taking a hit, running a successful race while getting run down. Also, it’s quite literally about a hit & run: the time I was doored on my bicycle, and the guy took off for an audition of a lifetime ✨"

Gotta Give It Up will be released soon via Pirates Press Records. Hit the pre-order at this link.


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