Friction: Toronto Hardcore Band Closed Out 2022 with Two New Heaters

Photo: Scum.Collective

Friction, one of Toronto, Canada’s most promising young bands, recently released a two-song promo to cap off 2022.

Whether these songs are standalone or a teaser for an upcoming release remains to be seen. People who like the songs don’t have to wait to get a physical copy, though.

Promo ’22 is available on cassette via Homie Shit Mag, a label ran by members of the band. You can pick up copies on the Homie Shit website, as well as on the label’s Bandcamp page. 

The tracks—“The Physical” and “My Way”—see Friction return to previously explored sonic territory in a more focused way. The riffing calls to mind Lockin’ Out Records stalwarts like Righteous Jams and The Rival Mob, while the songwriting and percussion has sprinkles of the modern heaviness the band mastered on previous releases:

Friction was busy in the last quarter of this year. They played shows all across southern Canada, culminating in a massive set at the House of Vans Toronto alongside Integrity, GEL, Combust and others. Their first show in 2023 is a hometown barn burner with Like Pacific and Wild Side. It will take place on January 7th at the Hard Luck in Downtown Toronto.

The band is excited to get the year started right. They give a big shout out to Not Dead Yet, Homie Shit Mag, and Toronto hardcore in general.

Check out Friction's performance from the aforementioned House of Vans show below:


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