Down Again: LA Band Drops “Actions and Their Consequences” from Debut Album (PREMIERE)

Photo: Aaron Billeci

Down Again is a California-based post-hardcore band bound together by a mutual admiration for such '00s favorites as Brand New and Thursday. The power trio have been friends for many years now, working on their material throughout that time.

Today, Down Again is finally ready to premiere the first taste of their musical endeavor with "Actions and Their Consequences," a song from their forthcoming debut record, The Devil is a Gentlemen. The balance of melody and emotive aggression comes through loud and clear on the track:

“'Actions' is the quickest and most intense of our new songs, and one of my favorites to play live," vocalist Lenny Costa tells No Echo. "It’s also one of the songs that evolved during the writing process, and it just kept getting darker and heavier. I really think the listener will connect with the lyrics but at the same time the song never gives you a chance to catch your breath.

"The lyrics deal with some of my family relationships falling apart, I watched them walk away from their faith and struggle with homelessness and substance abuse. It was one of the more difficult songs to write because it hit so close to home. It felt like there was a gravity to each line, and finding the perfect words to convey our message was very important." 

The Devil is a Gentlemen will be out this summer.

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