Sparing: Zach Godwin Turns Back the Clock to ‘00s Pop-Punk & Post-Hardcore on New Track

Photo: Timothy Folwell

Following the release of their debut four-track EP, 2021's Old Dreams, Sparing frontman and songwriter Zach Godwin was feeling creatively stifled and listless. Rather than give up, Godwin instead funneled his frustrations back into his art, stripping the band down to a full-on solo project.

On his latest EP, No Room Left to Grow, Godwin dials in the pop-punk/post-hardcore sounds of the early ‘00s harder than ever before, drawing from a wellspring of influences that will sound intimately familiar to fans of acts like Thursday, The Movielife, and Senses Fail.

Watch the video for lead single “I Couldn’t Agree Less” below:


Recorded in the spring of 2022, Godwin meticulously performed almost all instruments and vocals on No Room Left to Grow, with the addition of Jonathan Owens (Dull Mourning) on drums and vocalist Brooke Nicole on the EP’s forlorn title track.

For Godwin, No Room Left to Grow is “a record about loss, growth and finding yourself again.” Tackling issues from anxiety and self-harm to fairweather friends and love lost, Godwin’s earnest lyricism contrasts against bright guitar melodies and layered sing-along choruses.

No Room Left to Grow is out October 7th via Sunday Drive Records and is available for pre-order here.

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