Integrity Guitar Contest Winner Announcement

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Last month, No Echo partnered with Integrity to hook up one talented guitarist with a ridiculously sick prize package. To enter, we asked axe-slingers to upload their own version of a guitar solo to Integrity's "Burning Beneath the Devil's Cross" from their latest album, Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume.

Each entry had to use the tag #IntegrityGuitarContest on social media, and 1 Grand Prize Winner and 3 Runners Up would be selected by the band. 

Grand Prize: BC Rich Mockingbird, Ernie Ball Strings, Lace Pickups, Integrity: Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume (CD + Vinyl), Integrity T-Shirt 

Runners Up (3): Integrity: Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume (CD + Vinyl), Integrity T-Shirt, Ernie Ball Strings

Well, Integrity guitarist Dom Romeo has chosen the winners! Watch the entries below, and check out his thoughts for each beneath the videos.

***If you're one of the four winners, please email [email protected] your full name and mailing address for your prizing. As a bonus, and to show gratitude for all of the entries, Dom wants to send every guitarist who entered a special gift as a thank you. Just email me your address.***

Grand Prize Winner: Adam Kelly

Your sweeping and sizzling licks and tasteful use melody won me over. Fantastic job, Adam, congratulations!

Runner Up #1: Jose Carrasco

Rollercoaster ride of evil licks! Excellent composition/tight shred and great tapping! Powerful stuff!

Runner Up #2: Zeon Graind

You kept me on the edge of seat with plenty of crisp runs and sinister melody. Awesome job, Zeon!

Runner Up #3: Marshall Matson

I loved this! Great idea to use slide guitar. It’s like the soundtrack to some evil mission on Route 66. Awesome work, Marshall!

The Other Entries:


Dottie Heck

Nice work I loved the latin sounding double stops at around 0:43.

Tommy Robinson

Great solo / tasteful licks and nice melody especially at 0:42.

Elias Brunelle

Nice runs I liked your use of the whammy bar.

Yavé Rust

Great job I loved your abuse of the whammy bar. Also couldn’t stop staring at the green pickups.

Rodrigo Luz

I loved the pedal note run at the start / great job!

Kir Guskov

Great solo! Loved the sweeps at 0:38.

Tomás Soares

Interesting phrasing on your licks especially the theme at approx. 0:20.

Vitaly Shemetovets

Excellent solo / nice clean runs…pure evil!

Dan Donahue

Nice variety of licks and styles thrown in / just the way I like it.

Patrick Franck

I enjoyed your haywire/ frantic approach. Nice melody to end it off.

Chris Incarnate

Dark passages. I loved the tail licks at 0 33

Josh Fury

Nice work. I liked the solid bluesy runs and bends.

Keytar Shredder


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This was unbelievable / great licks / very inventive idea.


Great intro reverse divebomb!  Awesome licks too!



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Nice tasteful runs and good use of unison bends.

Party Marty


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Nice tapping and the evil harmony was a nice surprise!


I loved the chaos in this solo.  Great job!

Tom D.

Evil.  I really liked the stretch licks and double stops.


Integrity's Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume is available now in the Relapse Records store.

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