Deyssi: Los Angeles Band Marries Noise-Rock + Hardcore on “Vi” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Nestor Carranza

Boston native Maxwell Terlecki started Deyssi (fka daisy) via a self-titled EP in 2015. A musical stew combining elements of hardcore, noise-rock, and punk rock, Deyssi further took shape with the addition of drummer Griffin Kisner and guitarist Andy Cavanaugh.

Moving their homebase to Los Angeles, the trio released their debut album, Ten Persons, Ten Colors, last January.

In the spring of 2020, Deyssi's three members gathered in a windowless concrete room inside an industrial building just outside of LA's Chinatown neighborhood to create what would become $273.96, their forthcoming sophomore full-length record.

No Echo has partnered with Deyssi to present the premiere of "Vi," an absolute mind fuck of a track from $273.96:

According to Terlecki, the title $273.96 is "a reference to the weekly take-home pay of a typical American minimum wage worker; coincidentally it is also roughly the amount one stands to gain by robbing a convenience store, an act of desperation depicted on the album's cover art, which was taken from real life CCTV footage."

Photo: Sabrina I. Gutierrez 

$273.96 will be out on January 15th via Chain Letter Collective.

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