Everyone Dies In the End: David Lynch Meets Sigur Rós on "What's Best In Life" (Premiere)

Photo: Joey Wharton Photography

Everyone Dies In the End isn't the kind of band that sit in a jam room together working on guitar riffs for hours on end. Rather, the Richmond, VA quartet craft sonic dreamscapes that sound and feel like something you would hear in a David Lynch film. Formed a few years ago, Everyone Dies In the End are close to releasing their sophomore album, The Space Between Spaces, and No Echo got its hands on "What's Best in Life," a track from the LP.

A concept album, The Space Between Spaces was influenced by an old Buddhist teaching. The record trails a character who has become disenchanted with the world, but ultimately finds a way to weave his own reality in his mind. The concept behind The Space Between Spaces is as cinematic in it scope as the music that drives it.

The Space Between Spaces will arrive in stores on July 21 and is available for pre-order from Still Water Recordings.

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